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We’re a locally owned and operated agency in North Saint Paul, Minnesota and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions.  We’ve served individuals and businesses for more than 35 years and we believe in being a well-rounded agency.  We stay current on trends and developments that relate to our clients and that relate to the policies that we write, and we advocate for our clients.  These efforts help us give clients the best possible products and services for the right prices.  They also make finding, maintaining, and using insurance as convenient as can be for clients.

Our Insurance Offerings

We have a wide variety of insurance options, and in fact there is almost nothing that we can’t give you.  Home, auto, life, and health policies are among our options, and these and all of our other options can be custom-tailored to fit your needs.  Southeast Minnesota is a high-flood-risk area, so flood insurance is common among residents of the area.  We provide this insurance with attention to detail and with full consideration for clients’ needs.  We’ll do this for you.

Minnesotans like to get outdoors and be adventurous, and we honor this.  We do so by providing policies through our recreational vehicle program.  Whether you ride a boat, motorcycle, ATV, or other non-car vehicle, we can insure you fully.  This will help you adventure freely.

Our business program keeps virtually any commercial enterprise with fewer than 250 employees secure for the right price, and our programs for specific industries do the same.  The coverages contained in these programs are unique to different lines of work, and for this reason the specific-industry programs are important to a lot of businesses.  No matter where you are in The North Star State, if you run a business then we can protect you.

Our Approach

In order to give you the greatest protection in the most cost-efficient ways, we’ll build a meaningful relationship with you.  We’ll nurture this relationship, and this will make having, keeping track of, and using insurance easy for you. 

We’ll consult with you on an in-depth basis in order to identify the right coverages and to create the best policies.  Once these policies are in place we’ll monitor them regularly and we’ll keep you informed.  We actively manage risk, and this helps reduce your chances of sustaining losses and of having to use your insurance.  If insurance is used and you file claims, we'll manage the claims. 

We’re reachable at almost any time, so if you need to get a hold of us, you can.

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more.  You can get started by requesting a quote.

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Evening appointments are also available.

Accommodating, professional, helpful, and quick. Very comfortable experience and I was impressed by their capabilities. Highly recommended.
Brad M.
I feel lucky to have found an agent willing to provide this level of service. No need to look anywhere else!
Michelle D.
Over the years we’ve never once had to worry about our coverage. My husband and I are long-time customers and proud to be.
Carol S.
Surprisingly flexible and in-touch with my needs as a small business owner. Can’t ask for more.
Spencer F.
They have strong ties with the community, and it shows. It’s nice to do business with people that really show they care about you and your family.
Susan T.